Leg/Arm/Upper Body Trainer Motorized Loop by reck  

The active-passive limb development device is used for adults with neurological and orthopedic conditions, gait impairment, and limited motor skills of the legs and/or arms. The device MOTOmed for legs / for hands / for legs and arms is intended for passive or active kinesiotherapy of the upper and / or lower extremities for persons with disabilities in the sitting position. Change of Training per touch 

Changing Training for each touch  

Exercise change made easy: the transition from arm to leg exercise in MOTOmed loop is controlled directly on the screen. MOTOmed loop reacts digitally to every touch and automatically changes the training mode. The new 7-inch large color touchscreen display can be operated easily and intuitively and offers intelligent functions in an innovative form. Of course, the display is suitable for disinfection to wipe. 

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