RECK Medizintechnik, Germany


The bed exercise machine moved on castors for bedridden patients. Easy to move, reliable, easy to attach to the bed, optimally used by the patient in his bed. Ideal for completely bedridden patients in combination with other methods of treatment and prevention of complications, including thrombosis. Special equipment allows patients with paralysis of the legs to train.

        MOTOMED LETTO2 equipment

  • Pedaling radius 7.0 cm 
  • Easy-to-disinfect plastic-coated platform pedals Large handrail for easy movement and positioning of the machine
  • Chassis with large transport wheels and floor fixing device --> stable position without mechanical fastening to the bed 
  • Height adjustment with gas spring support 
  • Length adjustment towards the patient 
  • Rotating operating panel
  • Relaxing drive mode of the MOTOmed with smooth start and end of pedaling
  • "Movement Protection" and "Spasm Control" 
  • Autotest simulator 
  • Large, easy-to-use operation panel with color-coded machine controls and large, tactile buttons
  • Choice of 27 languages