Description Z Wave 

is the newest device for carrying out procedures of radial shock wave therapy, which was created by the German company Zimmer MedizinSysteme specifically for use in aesthetic medicine.   

Unique properties of Z Wave  

Constantly connected handles — the possibility of non-stop work; Applicator with a diameter of 39 mm – high-speed processing of large areas; Detailed treatment recommendations on the screen, preset parameters; The electromagnetic method of forming a shock wave: it is safe for a specialist; German traditions of quality and medical experience, reliability and durability.


  • Treatment of cellulite I-III degree; 
  • Increasing the efficiency of cryolipolysis, laser, RF and ultrasound therapy;
  • Tightening of flabby muscles and connective tissue; 
  • Tightening of the skin in the area of ​​the legs, arms and stomach; 
  • Improvement of the external appearance of stretch marks and scars; 
  • Monitoring of lymphatic drainage procedures.